Our Offering

Reengineering Human Capital Management

Our business customers can operate with ease and a peace of mind without the need to be involved in the complicated and time-consuming process, as ACE will take care of all local and cross border human capital management. Our services include:

  • Sourcing and recruitment of the right talent
  • Payroll and Benefits administration
  • Rules and regulation pertaining to the Labor Law of Malaysia

Redefining Workforce Solution

ACE strives to matchmake talents with the right skillset with our business partners.

Professional Recruitment Agency
Higher Education Alumni
Advanced Recruitment Profiling

Our Competition Edge

Talent Management

  • The changing workforce landscape have lead to an imbalance or mismatched human capital utilisation. The right staff suddenly not available for a successful business.
  • Government Protectionism policy hinder talent migration


  • ACE provide quality pool of talents outside geographical limit of customer.
  • High productivity workforce that are well educated and experience.


  • Oversea living cost can be hindrance due higher economic inflation and immigration expenditure.
  • Recruitment cost create a barrier to employ quality staff


ACE unique approach enable:

  • Staff to enjoy affordable living standard in local environment
  • Company enjoy cost effective human resource management.

Corporate Key Performance Index

  • Company performance measurement using staff productivity indicator
  • Long-term and Short-term human resource requirement


  • ACE enable company to plan organisation level administrative expenditure with less headcount cost.
  • Planning long-term and short-term project with more flexibility

Our Clients

ACE Contribution
  • Accommodate short-term human resource requirement.
  • Improve Staff Productivity
  • Provide Quality Workforce for Business Growth
  • Foreign Exchange Cost Saving

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